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Title: Fascination
Fandom: Law & Order: UK
Characters: Alesha Phillips, James Steel
Rating: PG
Words: 414
Spoilers: 3x4 "Confession"
Disclaimer: Law & Order belongs to Dick Wolf. I make no money.
Notes: Possibly part of the Great Architect universe, though works just fine as a standalone. Takes place during "Confession." Alesha considers men's voices ... well, one particular man's, anyway.

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Ben has THE sexiest voice bar none - and I listen to a LOT of radio plays so I've lots of actors to whom I can compare his voice.

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Lovely! I could hear both James and Alesha as I read...excellent job. :D

So, what kind of voice (besides sexy) would you say James has? Musically, I mean. I'm terrible at identifying voice types.

PS - I really like your new layout!
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Thanks! :D

Extrapolating from his speaking voice, he's probably a bass-baritone.

re: layout, thanks! I'd had the same layout for ... uh ... since I joined LJ in 2008, so it was time for a change. It's taking me a little time to get used to it; I had to be reminded to make this an open entry because I'm not used to where the f-locked icon is in this layout and I didn't see it.
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Preach my sisters! Y'all ain't nevah lied!

Yes, lord that man has a sexy as hell voice. I thought Alan Rickman's voice was the sexiest (and not to mention the late soul singer Barry White) and then along came Ben to give them a run for their money. He can talk to me any day!

Ok, lemme stop swooning.

According to his resume on imdb, he classifies his voice as bass. I studied voice and I would say low baritone/high bass is his classification

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Re: Preach my sisters! Y'all ain't nevah lied!

Doesn't surprise me that he lists himself as a bass; bass-baritones (I'm still going with that for him) tend to sing bass just as mezzo-sopranos (which I am) tend to sing alto. (Plus, if you're not an opera singer, the difference between bass and bass-baritone is fairly academic.)

I have never had the physical reaction to a man's voice that I have to Ben's. Just ... guh. Keep him talking. ;-)


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