Baked Eggs in a Portobello Cap )

Verdict: Meh. Still don't care for fungus, and I had a hard time cleaning out the gills, which damaged the caps beyond their usefulness as egg cups.

Recipe from here

I was jealous of my colleagues' chili yesterday ... turns out there is an IP-friendly recipe.

Just Plain Chili )

Verdict: Quite good. I subbed jalapeƱo for some of the green bell pepper and cayenne for some of the chili powder, but I like my chili to bite back a bit. Also, it needs to be salted before serving.

Recipe from here

Tarragon Chicken )

Verdict: Meh. Has the potential to grow on me, though.

Recipe from here

Lime Maple Salmon )

Verdict: Pretty good. It turns out that I don't care for cilantro--at least, not fresh--so I'll just leave that off next time. I wonder how it would taste with mango salsa? Gotta save that for maintenance.

Recipe from here

Spring Fresh Chicken Soup )

Verdict: YummmMMMMMMMmmmmm!

Recipe from here

Balsamic Mustard Chicken )

Verdict: Very yummy! Messy to cook, and a little hard to tell when the chicken is done, but that's just a matter of practice.

Recipe from here

Garlic Roasted Chicken Breast )

Verdict: Quite good.

Recipe from here

Seasoned Oven-Roasted Chicken )

Verdict: Flavor: good. Texture: ... a little strange. Sort of ... chewy on the outside. ETA: I had a weird reaction, and I think it was to the Mrs. Dash. I'll have to try this again another time using salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Recipe from here

Smoothies )

Verdict: Well ... I also tried out my NutriBullet for the first time on this, and I tried it with the small cup. The ice didn't fit. So the smoothie was actually a little rich for my taste. Trying again tomorrow, with the big cup and ice and maybe leaving out the Walden Farms syrup.

Recipes from here
Full thread

I hope this works, because it's dinner for tonight and tomorrow. I suppose if all else fails, I can slather it with dijon.

Meatloaf )

Verdict: Much better with red meat than with turkey.

Recipe adapted from this

Lemon Pepper Salmon )

Verdict: ... do you know, it was rather good? A little different, but worth keeping. And simple!

Recipe from here.

Southwestern Tilapia )

Verdict: I quartered it and made it with cod, and it was okay. Definitely a keeper. Needed a bit more heat, if anything, so more cayenne pepper next time.

Recipe from here.

Cauliflower Hash Browns )

Verdict: Okay, but probably needs an egg white or something to hold it together.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust )

Verdict: OM NOM. But takes a bit of practice to get right, apparently. Also, don't over-beat the eggs.

Recipe from here

Pizza sauce )

Verdict: Less Splenda and more oregano (& maybe basil)--oh, and better tomatoes--and I think it will be delicious. It's pretty good as it is.

Recipe from here

Cauliflower Taco Shells )

Verdict: Don't know yet.

Recipe from here

Crispy Cereal Pancakes )

Verdict: Probably FANTASTIC if you don't burn it!!! *headdesk*

Recipe from here

Little Meats & Rice )

Recipe adapted from here

Verdict: Yummy! Keeper.

Roasted Dill Mustard Salmon )

Verdict: Yummy. Keeper. But I'm only allowed salmon once a week.

Recipe from here

Roasted Red Pepper Salsa )

Verdict: Nope.

Recipe from here


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