There exists a fellow named Dick
And quite popular is his shtick.
Although you see them here,
He has nothing to fear;
His characters I’ll return—quick!

This story takes place in the Goshawk Universe.  If you haven't read An Altered World View, go there first.  If you don't, this won't make sense.

L&O episode credits as follows (and consider this warning of potential spoilers):
"Paradigm" by Richard Sweren & Dick Wolf
"The Dead Wives Club" by Nick Santora
"The Brotherhood" by Wendy Battles & Alfredo Barrios, Jr.
"Coming Down Hard" by Davie Holmes

Contains crossover elements with Law & Order: SVU and Harry Potter.  (Oh, and the Harry Potter stuff belongs to J. K. Rowling et al.)  Many thanks to the Harry Potter Lexicon just for being such a wonderfully extensive site.


I. Examination )


[Part 2: Opposition]


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